training Programs

Professional training department is an organizational development consulting section that helps companies define, develop and sustain a culture that promotes the achievement of growth and business success.

  1. Management and Administration Training
  2. Security
  3. Legal
  4. Technical Skills
  5. Business Management Soft Skills
  6. Hospitality
  7. Education and Development

We aspire to be the provider of choice for top quality vocational education and training throughout the world, within our niche sectors, delivering high quality, flexible and responsive services which meet the needs of learners, employers and the wider community.

This will be achieved by being an independent, affordable and focusing on employer needs, as an alternative to academic study, you may prefer to take one of our vocational programmes in the area of your chosen career.

These are vocational courses, designed for students who would like a career-focused qualification in a work- related subject. They offer a good balance of theory and practice with an emphasis on 'learning by doing'.
We have,

  • Small sized classrooms with 10:1 student-teacher ratio.
  • The ability to focus on each student to encourage creative thinking.
  • Matched the labor market requirements in our programs.
  • Modernized the education system.
  • Acquired Foreign and International curricula.
  • Partnered with local and international companies to secure employment opportunities for our graduates.
Seminars & Workshops

Our faculties run a series of seminars and workshops in association with our partner academies and institutes worldwide through the year, some of which are for a generalist audience and some of which relate to the more specialist interests of the school's research centers.

Professional Development

Through the Professional Development program, we are forging an alignment between leadership development and education within communities in which we play a role. Equipped with esteemed professors and subject matter experts, we help employers apply education and training solutions that are useful and work with the busy schedules dominated by both family obligations and work.

Why Professional Development

Employees are the invaluable resource of any business, but there exists an ongoing challenge to retain these qualified workers. EGS implements an educational strategy that reinforces a connection between employee and employer while adding both job satisfaction and worker efficiency. Constant employee improvement through acquired skills and adaptation is necessary to stay relevant in today's competitive global economy. Through the constant investment of training and education, employers assure for themselves a versatile and forward-moving staff beyond the educational setting.

Our range of online courses help our students enhance their professional skills and improve their employability.

When combined with students’ academic programs and work-integrated learning experiences, our Professional Development program ensures that our graduates are ready to excel in the workplace, no matter their career path.