European Global School, Paris offers students a unique opportunity to attain a qualitative education and ensure they have access to quality program which brings greater visibility, flexibility, autonomy and accessibility. Our well designed programs support career and professional development. Our reputation has been built on sustained success in research and teaching. The school prides itself on the high quality of its provision and is committed to maintaining high standards and continually enhancing its quality in all areas.

EGS focuses mainly on the development of the student's logical abilities and skills and their demonstration in real life and practice. Students will acquire a variety of study, communication and practical skills that they can use in building their personal and professional career.

EGS was founded with the goal to offer its students high quality education at an affordable price. Our academic programs are designed and developed by experts with extensive experience in their areas of concentration. They are committed to the success of their students. As a pioneer in long-distance learning, European Global School’s flexible programs give students the opportunity to acquire their degree while allowing each student to plan his or her studies around other obligations.

Classes take place mainly online, thanks to which even the busiest managers and directors of companies who do not have time to attend classes regularly can study.

Our flexible approach to learning offers you three study options.

For many of our programs, you may be able to study with local teaching support at our approved study center. This gives our students many opportunities to consult questions and issues from practice with a highly professional team of faculty members. The tuition fee is higher than our online program.

Do you want to earn a higher salary? How about better career opportunities? Or maybe you want to sharpen your skills and acquire more knowledge to help you in your current job but you just don't have the time to undertake a regular program. European Global School offers students a unique opportunity to attain a qualitative education and ensure they have access to quality program which brings greater visibility, flexibility, autonomy and accessibility.

Online learning means, if you travel often or need to relocate, you can continue to study wherever you go.

Our customized designed with learning in mind, our learning management system presents courses in a modern and intuitive layout. With clear workflows, our students can focus on the learning that matters.

EGS teaches in English through its own unique method of online learning, called ‘Online Campus, which is:

Flexible – Students work where and when they choose to fit in with jobs, families and other commitments
All-inclusive – Students get all the high quality materials they need to study
Supportive – Personal mentors provide academic expertise, guidance and feedback and run group tutorials; and specialist advisers are on hand to help with other aspects of study
Social – Students get together through online conferencing, study networks and course forums.

With self-paced learning, student can take the time they need and set their own schedule instead of working within a structure that was set for them by their mentor. It is an alternative learning model that can develop the critical thinking skills. This study aims at describing the effect of the implementation of the research-based learning to develop qualified industry-experts. Our self-paced programs let you choose when and what you study. Complete the degree on your own time within the maximum time-frame of five years with the flexibility to meet your life and career goals.

Self-paced learning is a good option to improve scheduling issues and makes it possible to learn at one's own pace.

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Mission & Vision

European Global School promotes lifelong educational goals of learners, supports workforce development needs of employers, and fosters community involvement by providing a substantive, responsible, and accessible learning environment.

European Global School is a vibrant and diverse institution committed to academic excellence and individual growth. EGS will promote excellence in education; maintain fiscal and operational integrity; and cultivate an environment of fellowship, inclusiveness, and respect.

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  • More than 321 full and part-time faculty.
  • More than 78 full and part-time staff members.
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  • 09 Faculties
  • More than 26 academic programs.
  • More than 40 majors
  • More than 100 professional certificates
  • More than 150 cooperation around the globe